Getting Started with Online Gambling


For many years until just prior to the September 2014 sale of this website, and the associated Forums, the exclusive advertiser and affiliate casino to this site was Bovada.

This site now has a number of advertisers, and many of them come with the, "Wizard of Odds Approved," endorsement. What this means for you, the player, is that such endorsed casinos have the same quality, fairness, customer service and integrity for which Wizard guaranteed of Bovada Casino, our previous exclusive advertiser and for whom we still advertise.

That means that you can go to any of this Approved Casinos and any of such will have the following guarantee:

Wizard Advertising Policy: "With any casino we promote, if you click through an ad on this site, which leads to opening an account, as evidenced by an affiliate code in the link to the casino, then we will stand behind you. If you ever have a dispute with a casino and are a confirmed "Wizard" player, then we will try to help. We do ask that you try to work out the problem yourself first, and only request assistance from us as a last resort."

While many casinos are now advertised, the Wizard's rigorous standards to be, "Approved," are the same as those to which our previous exclusive advertiser was held. If you are interested in gambling online and have any concerns with the quality or service of the product, we strongly recommend that you begin with using our, "Approved," casinos.

For those of you who may wish to branch out into other casinos, for one reason or another, we recommend that you pay a visit to our parent site, While many of the affiliate casinos on that site might not have the Wizard's Seal of Approval, there is a comprehensive and extensive Review list of online casinos, and a Forum, so you can read, firsthand, the experiences that many of their Members have had with different online casinos.